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Why Chew Diet-Burst Gum™?

Tired of all those diet pills that never work?  Diet-Burst represents an exciting new approach to healthy weight loss management.  Even though everyone’s diet needs are different, most people simply suffer from not being able to control their hunger between meals.  Let’s face it, “We All Crave Food” and suppressing those appetite cravings is something that until now has eluded medical science. 
Diet-Burst is the first diet gum specifically formulated combining Slendesta® with African Mango creating one of the world’s most powerful weight loss formulas.


How Does Diet-Burst™ Work?

The secret of Diet-Burst is our patented Nutraceutical gum which effectively releases the right amount of Dietary Supplements throughout the day, enabling your body to burn excess fat along with reducing your desire to snack and overeat.  In eleven separate clinical trials, Slendesta® has shown that “You Will Lose Weight”.  For best results, use Diet-Burst gum in conjunction with good nutrition, a regular exercise program along with drinking at least eight glasses of water per day.


How Do I Use Diet-Burst™?

Chew Diet-Burst Gum when you feel hungry or 30 minutes before a meal as a dietary supplement.


Can I Chew Too Much Diet-Burst?

No, because the natural supplemental ingredients in Diet-Burst are not only natural but safe and effective.  You will find the more you chew Diet-Burst Gum, the more your hunger will subside and the more weight you will lose.





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